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Fundraising Program with Gold Party Chicago


How can I raise money for my favorite charity or organization?

Our program doesn't involve knocking on doors or pleading for money. We simply take unwanted items laying in drawers and jewelry boxes and exchange them. Almost anyone can participate in this "recycling" process, which creates cash for the charity of your choice.

What is the Gold Party Chicago process?

Participants bring in their unwanted items and a Gold Party Chicago representative will appraise the items based on platinum, gold, and silver content and weight. The participant will be offered top dollar in cash. There is no obligation to sell after the appraisal process.

Gold Party Chicago will then make a 10% donation of the event's total sales. The participant or party guest is asked to match, partially match, or defer to match our donation.

Here's an example: if Gold Party purchases $10,000 in items, then we will donate $1,000. Individual participant matching can increase this amount to another $1,000 for a total donation of $2,000.

When should we start?

Right now. There's no expense to anyone, no resources are tapped, so now is the perfect time to raise money.

What are some tips for presenting this to our guests?

They will receive top dollar for their unwanted items, while helping a charitable organization.

When do we receive the donation?

The same day of your event, upon completion.

Gold Party Chicago is the new way to raise significant funding for your organization without creating a financial burden. It's easy to organize, too. We'll gladly help with flyers, other marketing materials, and e-mail reminders.

Contact us about your fundraising event today.

E-mail at info@goldpartychicago.com or call 1.877.4gold.04.

The founders of Gold Party Chicago, Debra and J. Ford Sunderland have incorporated their personal values of philanthropy and social responsibility into their business by donating portions of revenues to non-profit organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Team in Training, churches, youth groups, and others.


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